All Good Things

by I Made You Myself

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released July 5, 2014

Vocals: Jason De Leon
Guitar: Lucas Haupt
Guitar: Patrick Greenwood
Bass: Brian Halicki
Drums: Bret Bennette

Engineered Mix and Mastered by Lucas Haupt

Songs written by I Made You Myself
Lyrics written by Jason De Leon

Artwork by Mikey Giardina



all rights reserved


I Made You Myself Chicago, Illinois


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Track Name: Stockholm Dog Will Feed On Itself
Let the wall fall back on itself
Let the pot fill up till it spills
There's no use in denial
When everyone's swimming in guilt
Forcibly cleansed
It makes sense
White turns red
Then to white again
We are dogs in heat
We can't sit still for anything
Hold your tongue
You know not what you've done
Flush your eyes
You've seen too much
Forward thought
Carries forward action
Forward action
Carries forward thought
The emptiness is
now stomach bound
At this point
I will bleed for my existence
(I will kill for my existence)
Beloved friend
I've watched the words sit past your teeth
I can't save you from yourself
You shameless son of a bitch
You have damned us all
You carry a weak jaw
What good are your words
When they spill out from your mouth
I've been singing the same song
For ears that don't hear me at all
You can close your eyes
You can sleep as much as you want
Track Name: To Hurt You
For too long I've been tried
Swallowing fire,
burning alive
And rightfully so,
fed to the lions
What more could you damage when everything's gone
My word, losing weight
the more and more
I try to wring out all it's worth
It's one time,
I promise you
Just one time
I promise you
I will never let you hurt again
So sick of proving you wrong
You'd think
I'd have learned by now
It's my faults
that keep
outstaying their welcome
Is this really
something you plan on fixing
If you tell me
you're accountable
I expect the truth
Yes, the goddamn truth
Like a sword in your skull
There are ways of making you talk
if comes down to it
I will right your every wrong
It's one time I promise you
It's one time
I know it's not much
But words fall short
You don't ask much
But the weight sits heavy on your chest
There's no saving yourself when your skin
Has been stretched out again and again
Track Name: Old Memorial
What is the sum,
What is the sum
of your existence
when your faults
And misfortune
are milestones
within it's span.
I understand,
that as a whole,
life is not defined
by instance or regret
It's more or less
The path we tread
A slow and steady climb
is ahead of us,
and we, just don't know it yet
We can't just accept it yet.
We can't just accept it
We can't just accept it yet
Not quite yet.
Take my word,
That's all you have left
If it means I have to thaw
and water down what I am,
so be it,
shape me to your glass
down me as you wish.
It's your throat that's burning.
Down me as you wish
It's your throat that's burning
I'm just there to make it hurt
Track Name: All Good Things
Pillars bearing weight
Shoulders bearing weight
Both are made to hold
But one will surely break
Does it matter what the value
or the struggle or the pain
Eventually it fades
Everything will fade
It's whether you leave
or it's taken away
It's what you choose to hate
It's what you see as fate
We can be a running cycle of triumph and defeat
Or dogs chasing their tails
Always bound to fail
You can't say you never saw this coming when all you did was lay there and feed yourself the means for things to change
You can't say you never saw this coming when all you did was lay there and watch the world around you start to age
All good thing good things
will come to an end
Carry your heart
So we all can see
How it grows
How the pain recedes
We are born
into this
We draw blood
clutch our arms
as if
we had no
idea at all
If Mosquitos
Were a needle
then maybe
we'd be more careful
We are somehow
more annoyed
More annoyed than scared
Cuffed ourselves to our greatest weakness
with only a saw
Will you risk the teeth
on the chain
Or will you part with your bones
All good things will come to an end
Run free lacking dignity
Or leave the earth with efforts
Either way
You can't be
You can't be
You can't be so scared
Track Name: Ache Where The Arm Once Was
Hang your head
Fall back to us for the last time
Dress nice, and smile
Leave your heart open, wide
There you lay and I can't speak
They're simple means
but they don't feed
I still think I hear you sometimes
But why
An old ghost roams the halls
Still caught up in thought
Of what it was
That made you wither
Or how it caused us all to love
But without you
It seems pointless
Is this really how it feels
Do you believe in peace, my friend
Does it want more of your body
To stay defined
In peace
Will you accept that
your soul is quiet
Do you want more of our love
So that you stay bright
I'm awake from a bad dream
And I can't stop the thoughts from seeping in through my head
And how do you trust yourself
When you know that
all good things will come to an end
Are you just thinking out loud
We were always meant to be much more than this
But everything we love grew old and fell out from beneath